The New Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

After years of great debate and prodding by the Federal NDP Party, our Liberal Government has finally approved and passed the CDCP.

While it is a good first step and will be helpful to certain individuals it certainly will not be the answer to solving most Canadian’s access to affordable dental care.

In December 2022 the government launched the Canada Dental Benefit (CDB) for children under 12. The new CDCP aims to build on that benefit and replaces the existing CDB.

Who is eligible for the CDCP?

  • Available to all Canadian families with an adjusted net income of less than $90,000, who do not currently have dental insurance
  • Have filed a tax return for the previous year
  • Persons with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate (age 18 – 64) and children under 18 can apply online starting on June 27, 2024
  • Seniors aged 65 and over were able to start enrollment as of December 2023
  • All other Canadians can enroll starting 2025 with a date to be formally announced in the months ahead.

What will be covered?

Three classifications will be offered:

Preventive: This includes exams, cleaning and fluoride treatment for children

Basic Services: Fillings, extractions and X-rays are included

Major Restorative: Crowns, bridges, root canals and dentures are on the list

Are there exclusions?

Yes, anything to do with purely “cosmetic” dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers and teeth straightening will be excluded.

Will there be Co-Payments, Deductibles or Limits?

Yes, and it will be means tested. Families or individuals with less than $70,000 annual income will not have co-insurance. Others with income above this threshold may be eligible for 70% – 90% co-insurance.

Currently there is no deducible.

At present there is no set maximum. The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) does not have an explicit annual payment limit. Instead, it covers a range of dental services based on individual needs and eligibility. 

Will all dentists participate?

Unfortunately, not, as presently it is on a voluntary basis and not all dental clinics will participate because of perceived administrative paperwork that may or may not happen.

It is best to discuss with your present dental clinic whether they plan to enroll or not and make your decision from there. It is predicted that most dental practices that cater to the family market will participate. Higher end clinics that specialize in cosmetic dentistry probably will not participate as their services are directed at a very different market.

How do I apply and see if I am eligible?