Introducing Estate at Ease, offered through Canada Life

After a loved one dies, paperwork is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Estate at Ease, offered through Canada Life makes this easier.

Managing a loved one’s estate can be an additional stress for executors who are already grieving a loss. Estate at Ease™ estate documentation and identity theft protection service can alleviate some of this burden. It’s an opportunity to help your client’s beneficiary in their time of grief.

During a short phone call, an Estate at Ease associate helps the executor identify documents that are relevant to the estate, including government and corporate benefits, pensions, utilities and loyalty programs. Estate at Ease also retires government-issued identities to protect against identity theft. The executor receives a customized package with documents complete and ready to sign. For a flat fee of $510 (plus tax), you receive a full year of service, regardless of the number of documents, letters or phone calls handled.

This service made a real difference for Cheryl Munro, Senior Vice-President, Operations and Customer Service and Andrea Frossard, Senior Vice-President, Par Insurance. Learn how by watching this short video.